Rupert Pinder – “Before you invest, develop an appetite to save” – Land & Multi-family development in the Bahamas

Against the initial wishes of his mother, and at what seemed to be an inopportune time; Rupert Pinder purchased his first piece of land when a friend who could no longer complete the transaction, passed it on to him. Rupert has held several roles in the public and private sectors as either a Trade or Regulatory Economist in addition to being an Adjunct Faculty member teaching economics and statistics at the former College, now University of the Bahamas over the last 23 years. 

Find out how the appreciation of that first plot of land started a chain reaction of events that would ultimately lead to his investment into multi-family developments. Get real insight into how a conservative economist breaks down the numbers and shares how you can use leverage to acquire assets and ultimately get you that much closer to financial independence.

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